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Motion Graphics/         

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Topics in Motion Graphics


Colin Sebestyen






Spring 2019


Utilize motion design skills, create

a series of motion graphic pieces to tell stories with time-based media. 


The selected motion graphics works include introducing a topic in 30 seconds, designing an interactive magazine cover for IdN magazine, and using simple geometric shapes to reflect the rhythm of a song.

Exploring Diverse

Cultures in

San Francisco

In this video, I introduced the unique cultures of San Francisco

in order to encourage more people to explore the city and culture.

I used the five senses as the main concept to engage people to experience the cultures of San Francisco in terms of architecture,

neighborhoods, local businesses, people, cuisine, and music. 

IdN Interactive

Magazine Cover:

Wayfinding Issue

The goal of this project was to design an interactive magazine cover for the IdN magazine. I chose the Wayfinding Issue

and created a series of animation to show an eyeball’s journey of finding its way. 

Shape to Music

This project was to tell an interesting story with a chosen piece of music. I chose music with a strong beat. The electronic feeling of the music gave me a deep and mysterious feeling, which inspired me to tell a story about a little planet and

its changes in the universe. I animated a circle and matched its changes and movement with the music.